Feasibility Studies

This study identifies various options for a project assisting in decision making by highlighting the opportunities, constraints, cost and programme of each option under consideration. Commercial projects in the office always start with a feasibility study to test the brief from the client.


Concept Sketches

Sketches in plan, elevation and 3D. Hand sketches are produced for quick turnaround and to minimise expense on clients.


Planning Applications

When developments require planning permission from the Local Authority. A planning application can comprise of site investigations, landscaping proposals, various traffic reports and outline drawings. DCA engage with subcontractors to deliver specialisms. Once an application is granted with or without conditions, one must build in accordance with the documentation. Some works are exempt from requiring planning permission and where a question exists, DCA can obtain a letter of exemption from the Local Authority prior to starting the work.


Disabled Access Certificates

Similar to a planning application where drawings of floor plans are submitted, which demonstrate how the building regulations are met relating to how a disabled person negotiates access around the building and within the building.


Fire Safety Certification

FSC applications are submitted to the Fire Department and demonstrate how building regulations relating to fire safety are met. The principle concern is for protection of life, alerting and giving occupants time to exit buildings, the fire department access to fight the blaze and ensuring that the fire does not spread too rapidly. The selection and assembly of components, the placement of fire barriers and adequate fire detection and alarm systems are primary concerns.


Detailed Tender Documentation

In order to seek competitive tenders for the project, a detailed set of drawings and specifications are produced that are competitively priced and once a builder is appointed, will form the contract documents. At this point we have cost certainty.


Health and Safety

DCA act as Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) collating the Preliminary Health and Safety Plan and Designers Risk Assessments to highlight to a builder, elements of work that may pose a risk to operatives. These risks are eliminated or the builders Project Supervisor Construction Stage produces a method statement to control how the work is carried out in a safe manner.

Assigned Certifier and Design Certifier

The owner of the project commissioning the work is obligated to appoint an Assigned Certifier and a Registered Builder who together certify that the completed works have been built in compliance with the building regulations. There is a detailed process that must be followed where each designer inspects and certifies each element of work relating to a building regulation. Only qualified architects, building surveyors or chartered engineers can act as assigned certifiers.